This Is Why We Don't Have Sleepovers Anymore

by Charivari

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Thanks to Justin Gonyea in Burlington for making this possible!


released May 16, 2013



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Charivari Washington, D.C.

Twinkle from the capital.

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Track Name: Heavy Boots
you're so far away now
how quickly we fell apart
how could i still love you
i don't even know who
you grew up to become
what a fucking shame

i don't feel the
weight in my lungs
when i wake up
pulling me back
into bed, into the past
not anymore

but sometimes, when i'm listening to snowing, i'll remember how you always used to get the lyrics wrong, and i wish i could show you all the great bands i've discovered since then, or tell you i quit smoking, or just find out what the fuck happened to you. but it's too late for all of that now. we've both grown up, and i'm finally realizing that it's not such a bad thing. i don't resent you for not letting me say goodbye.

i won't repeat the same mistakes.
Track Name: It's not a train! It's not a danger!
i shouldn't have waited for so long
to reach out to you
now my words have faded
into the uncertain horizon

i'm tossing and turning
between sheets, between strangers
at least i know it feels that way sometimes

i'm trying to put these memories behind me,
but i'm just a kid and i don't know what's good for me
at least i know it feels that way sometimes
Track Name: Permakeg
tonight we hide in plain sight
behind nervous glances,
shifting out of focus
blaming lack of sleep
walking away
substituting words
for intake of breath
revolt against a daydream
this could be so much easier